3 Useful Household Hacks

1. How to unclog a drain without a plunger

In the absence of a plunger, or in case you simply can’t use a plunger depending on situations, a clogged drain can be a lot of trouble. However, it can be easily unclogged without this tool. All you have to do is simply add 1/2 cup of baking powder on the drain, and wash it down with 1/2 cup of vinegar. Let it work for a few minutes, then wash it down with a fair amount of hot water. Pipes should unclog.

2. How to remove stickers or rubber band from something without leaving a sticky trace

In case you have stickers on your fridge, on your car, computer or any other surface of object that you’d want to have sticker-free, it’s much easier to remove them if you use a hair dryer. The stickers, rubber band, label etc, should come off much easier, without breaking. Just in case there’s glue residue remaining on the surface, just use a piece of cloth imbibed in a bit of warm water and detergent, to rub it off.

3. How to lubricate a door lock without grease

Although greasing the metallic components in a mechanism such a door or window lock may seem adequate, grease can leak and stain the door material, or accumulate dust and actually clog the mechanism. Therefore, you can use the graphite from a pencil for it. Simply remove the graphite from a pencil, ground it into a fine powder, put it into a straw, apply the straw on the key hole of the lock, and blow the graphite into the lock.

If you’re looking for a few more life hacks, here’s nice video:

3 Useful Household Hacks

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