Skylight Covers 2019

Our skylight covers are custom designed, not prefabricated. There are two types of heat reduction material, 70% and 90%, that will help control the unwanted elements, but can be removed to allow heat gain in the winter time. The covers are available in brown, dove gray, and white. Click here for a printable skylight measurement worksheet. We also have samples and pictures of the covers available. To view samples of the covers, click here.
We will send you samples of the actual cover material. Just use the sample request form below for this section. If you would like a free estimate, fill in the ‘comments’ section of the sample request form with the dimensions A, B, & C from the worksheet.

Key Benefits:
Reduces unwanted heat gain
Reduces ultraviolet radiation
Reduces glare problems
Reduces fading of furnishings
Does not obstruct view
Maintenance free

In the store, you will be asked to:

(1) Choose the cover color
(2) Choose the skylight type
(3) Input the A, B, C dimensions in the text box from the worksheet
(4) Enter each cover separately, even if they are the same.
(5) Input the total square feet of each cover size*, rounded to the next integer, into the ‘quantity’ box.

*Calculating the square footage for the cover is simply adding the length + 2 times the lip and the width + 2 times the lip, multiply these two numbers, then divide by 144.
Example: A=34″ B=42″ C=2″ (from the worksheet)
The total square footage would be (38 x 46) / 144 = 12.14 (rounded would be 13)
Input this number into the ‘quantity’ section when ordering from the store.


Skylight Covers 2019

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