Tips To Make Better Coffee

Water quality is important

Unfortunately, tap water isn’t that great in many parts of the world, being imbued with all kinds of scents and tastes that can surely ruing the quality of your coffee. In case the tap water in your home isn’t that great, or contains too much chlorine, it’s best to buy and use bottle, flat water.

Always use freshly ground coffee beans

Ground coffee loses it’s aroma very quickly after the grinding process. Even if you grind the coffee and keep it in a well-sealed jar, your coffee brews still won’t be that tasty as when using freshly ground coffee. That’s why it’s best to have your own grinder, and only grind the necessary amount every time. Also, make sure you thoroughly clean up the coffee grinder after each use, to avoid new coffee getting mixed with the remaining of the last grounds.

Use a moka pot or a Turkish pot

Traditionally made coffee is the best. Using a coffee maker with paper filters can damage the brew’s taste by a lot, making it taste like carton sometimes, for example. Plus, a coffee maker is rather difficult to maintain, compared with a coffee pot.

Water must not boil

If you’re using a Turkish coffee pot to brew your coffee, it’s important that the water doesn’t boil. This will burn your coffee and give it a charred taste. The water temperature for coffee made in a Turkish pot should only reach 90°-96°, and then the pot should be removed from the heat source.

Experiment with various coffee roasts

Before packaging and shipping, coffee is roasted by various methods, for longer or shorter periods of time. There are many types of roasts from the light, Cinnamon roast to the dark, burned Spanish roast. You probably won’t like the coffee obtained from any coffee roast. As a general idea though, the most common roasts in the U.S. are American roast, with a medium-light brown color, and the Full City roast, medium-dark brown color, the most common roast for espresso blends.

Learn a few elements of coffee art

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen at least a few amazing latte-toppings so far, with various exceptional “drawings” on them. Well, a latte drawing won’t make the coffee taste better, but it can surely increase its appeal, and your guests will enjoy it more. There are symbols and patterns easy to draw. You can start with those.


Tips To Make Better Coffee

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